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We believe that you should have all the information before considering any dental treatment, and this is why we sit down after every clinical examination and discuss the findings or discuss what improvements you would like to make to your smile, and we can help you choose the right treatment for yourself.

Invisible Braces: Straighten your teeth, without anyone knowing you are having treatment – This treatment is ideal for those adults who wouldn’t wear braces because of the way they look

Teeth Whitening: With so many people providing cheap and ineffective teeth whitening, its difficult to know who to trust. Our teeth whitening solutions are tried and tested, and very affordable

Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain Veneers are the Rolls Royce of cosmetic dentistry, if you are looking for completely natural and stunning, long lasting results, then this might be the treatment for you

Composite Veneers: Composite Veneers can be placed in one day, and look almost as good as porcelain veneers, and are more cost effective

Dental Implants: If you are missing one or more teeth, then a dental implant may be the best way forward, they are generally regarded as the best solution for a missing tooth.

There are two ways you can have your mouth cared for in the UK, either by an NHS dentist or privately.

The NHS was founded in 1946, and is a means of delivering dental care to the greater public at a reduced cost. In all cases, the government dictates the pricing of NHS Dentistry, and subsidises the actual cost of dentistry, so in effect, the taxpayer will pay a percentage of the cost of dentistry, just as they do with council housing and unemployment benefits.

As understanding of diseases and new techniques have been developed in dentistry, the NHS has been slow to react, for example, dental implants are widely accepted to be the best replacement for a missing tooth, but there is no chance that you would get one on the NHS. To replace a missing tooth on the NHS, your options may be:

  • Do nothing
  • Basic removable denture
  • Basic bridge, if you’re lucky!

The NHS is usually the cheapest way to have dental work carried out. Its no wonder that the rest of the world associates bad teeth with the British!

Private dental charges are usually a fair bit higher than NHS charges. There are two reasons for this, the first being there is no subsidising of the price of dental treatment, and secondly, private dentists by enlarge, enjoy carrying out treatment to a higher level, to achieve a more predictable result.

In general, dental charges are worked out by sticking to an hourly rate, and factoring in any lab charges, if needs be. Most private practices in the South East will work to about £200-£250+ per hour.

CDTA is different in that we work to £196 per hour, if you are a member and £190 if you are not. This is almost half of the cost of other private practices!

The price may be lower, but the standard is higher.

At Onyx Dental, we strive to make your dental experience like no other. Firstly, we have a long chat to discuss what you want to achieve, what your concerns are, what you have had done in the past, and other key information.

Then we will give you a full in depth clinical examination, checking your whole mouth, from your neck, jaw joints, cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and not forgetting the teeth!

After we have got all the information, we will then show you what we have found, and its up to you how you would like to proceed.

Why not call us today to come in and have a look around for a no-obligation chat, to find out what we can do for you.